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Obtaining FAA Approval

Instructions for requesting FAA approval to proceed with
your airframe and powerplant, testing and certification.

Before taking the FAA's A & P written test or oral and practical exam, you must prove that you are qualified and have the required experience.

Instructions for requesting FAA approval to proceed with airframe and powerplant, certification.

Once you have acquired the required experience as an aircraft mechanic, either through civilian work, military or school. The first step in obtaining an A and P certificate is to visit your local FAA Flight Standards District Office (FSDO), you will find the locations for these offices here FSDO. This is where you will present to the inspector all your documentation, (work history, military records or school information). The FAA does not charge for this service.

You will also need to provide positive photo identification. be sure that your ID is current, and reflects any recent name or address changes.

Acceptable Forms of Identification:

For a U.S. citizen or resident alien, acceptable forms of photo identification include a valid and
current: U.S. territory or state issued driver license, U.S. government identification card, U.S.
military identification card, passport, and alien residency card.

For a non-U.S. citizen, a passport AND one or more of the following valid and current forms of
photo identification: driver license, identification card issued by any government entity, and military
identification card.

Acceptable Forms of Age Verification:

An applicant must present a birth certificate or state or federal government-issued photo
identification as proof that he or she is at least the minimum eligibility age required for the
requested knowledge test as listed in the applicable table of this document and as stated in the
applicable portion(s) of Title 14 of the Code of Federal Regulations (14 CFR) 61.35(a)(2),
61.96(b)(1), 61.103(a)(b), 61.123(a), 61.153(a), 61.183(a), 61.305(a)(1), or 65.53(a).

If all documentation is acceptable you will then complete two (2) FAA 8610-2 Forms. You must have these forms before taking either the Airframe and Powerplant Written Tests or Oral Practical Exam.

click here for a printable FAA form 8610-2


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